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CTET Crash Course

As we approach CTET 2019, students need a final boost to further enhance their preparation. Myexamadda is offering CTET 2019 crash course which covers over 120 marks. CTET 2019 Crash Course covers following topics:

  1. Child Development & Psychology
  2. Hindi Grammar and Pedagogy ( Hindi Vyakaran aur Shikshan)
  3. Social Science Pedagogy

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CTET 2019 Crash Course

CDP(Child Development and Psychology), Hindi Grammar and Pedagogy(Hindi Vyakaran aur Shikshan), Social Science Pedagogy



Hindi Vyakaran aur Shikshan

Hindi Grammar and Hindi Pedagogy



CDP- Child Development and Psychology




Details syllabus of CTET 2019 Crash course with topics covered:

1. Child Development & Psychology (Duration 18 Hours)

a. Concept of development and its relationship with learning
b. Principles of the development of children
c. Influence of Heredity & Environment
d. How Socialization process works: Social world & children (Teacher, Parents, Peers)
e. Piaget, Kohlberg and Vygotsky: constructs and critical perspectives
f. Concepts of child-centered and progressive education
g. Critical perspective of the construct of Intelligence
h. MDI (Multi-Dimensional Intelligence)
i. Language & Thought
j. Gender as a social construct; gender roles, gender-bias and educational practice
k. Individual differences among learners, understanding differences based on diversity of language, caste, gender, community, religion etc.
l. Distinction between Assessment for learning and assessment of learning; School-Based Assessment, Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation: perspective and practice
m. Formulating appropriate questions for assessing readiness levels of learners; for enhancing learning and critical thinking in the classroom and for assessing learner achievement.
n. Remedial Approach
o. Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds including disadvantaged and deprived
p. Addressing the needs of children with learning difficulties, 'impairment' etc.
q. Addressing the Talented, Creative, Specially abled Learners

2. Hindi Grammar and Pedagogy ( Hindi Vyakaran aur Shikshan)

a. Hindi Grammar (Hindi Vyakaran) – (Duration 8 hours)

i. Varn Vichar
ii. Shabdh Vichar
iii. Vakya Vichar
iv. Pad Vichar
v. Samas Vichar
vi. Karak Vichar
vii. Ras Vichar
viii. Chandh Vichar
ix. Alankar Vichar
x. Sandhi Vichar
xi. Viram Chinho ka prayog

b. Hindi Pedagogy ( Hindi Shikshan) (Duration 4 hours)

i.Hindi Bhasha Shikshan
ii.Bhasha ki Paribhasha, Vikas, Roop aur Prakar
iv.Bhasha Adhigam
v.Bhasha Kaushal
vi.Vyakaran Shikshan
vii.Gadhy Shikshan
viii.Padh Shikshan
ix.Upcharatmak Shikshan
x.Shikshan vidhiya avm Pratidhima

3. Social Science Pedagogy (Duration 3 hours)

a.Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies
b.Class Room Processes, activities and discourse
c.Developing Critical thinking
d.Enquiry/Empirical Evidence
e.Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies
f.Sources – Primary & Secondary
g.Projects Work

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